How do you feel before and after ceramic braces?

Before: I had a slight overbite and severe crowding.

After: My overbite is corrected and my teeth are much straighter and a lot less crowded.

Before and After Ceramic Braces

before and after ceramic braces
before and after ceramic braces

How your teeth and gums are now:

My teeth are now much straighter. They are not as crowded. I have a nice smile. My bite is better. I am much more confident. I can eat better now. I can chew better. I can eat all the foods I like now. I can chew more quickly.

I can chew better than before. My mouth is recovering. I can’t remember ever having this feeling of having a whole mouth. The previous condition of my mouth was so bad that I could not eat anything.

But now I can eat normal food, instead of liquid food only. I feel like I am reborn. 

Feedback of patients who underwent ceramic braces treatment:

I am so grateful for all the staffs in the hospital. T.T. from Vietnam I am so happy with my new teeth. I feel much more confident and happy now than before. The smile is so wide and beautiful.

I can’t stop smiling now. I want to thank Dr. Zeev, Dr. Ido and all the staff in the hospital for all their hard work. I really appreciate the care and kindness I received. Everything was perfect! I am going to send my friends to the hospital.

I want to thank all the staff in this hospital. Thanks a lot. M.X. from Cambodia The staffs here were very nice and helpful. I am very happy with my new teeth. I feel much more confident and happy now than before.

Heartily thanks to all of your staff. D.D. from Vietnam I am very happy with my new teeth. I would never have thought that I could get such a beautiful smile. It was a long time since I have smiled like this.

A.S. from Japan I am very happy with the treatment at Cosmetic Dental Clinic. After the first month, my teeth looked better and I felt happy.

The clinic is very helpful. The staff are very kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend Cosmetic Dental Clinic. M.S. from Sweden My experience at Cosmetic Dental Clinic has been very positive. I have had nice treatment and great advice and I am very happy with my new smile.

M.A. from Italy In my case, my teeth were very bad. Cosmetic Dental Clinic did a very good job. I feel much better and I am happy to smile again. J.M. from Russia I am very happy with my treatment here.

I have received good advice and the treatment has been very good. I am very satisfied. I have already recommended Cosmetic Dental Clinic to friends. I will definitely come back. M.P. from Spain The treatment here has been very good.

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